Bathmate boosts confidence

Have you ever been with a girl who wanted your package to be smaller? Me neither. If your one of the few lucky men to have what is known as a ‘knee grazer’ then this article isn’t for you. But for most normal blokes using Bathmate pumps can greatly improve confidence both in the bedroom and around women in general. Order your Bathmate pumps here and get our best price guarantee and fast discreet shipping. Bathmate pumps can give you a bigger manhood.” target=”_blank”>Order your Bathmate pump here.

In the bedroom

Whether size really matters is a very hotly debated subjected, with some people (usually blokes with a smaller downstairs) suggesting that penis size makes no difference to a woman’s sexual pleasure. However you can’t argue with the science, in 2012 a survey of over 300 women found that the longer the penis the greater the likelihood that the woman would orgasm. This study didn’t ask about girth, and so when other research published in BMC Women’s Health found that girth is more important that length, we start to get the picture that actually a bigger package will lead to having better sex. But having a larger manhood doesn’t just improve your performance physically. The physiological effects of having a larger penis, on both you and your partner, will make sex more pleasurable. Having a bigger weapon will make you much more confident and far less likely to have any kind of sexual anxiety. Additionally your partner will be much more impressed when she sees your package, which will again improve your feelings of confidence. The improved psychological dynamic will then enable both of you to relax and have greater pleasure in sex. So although with a normal size piece you can give a woman a great time, with a few more inches of girth and length you could give her a night that she will never forget, leaving her begging you for more.

Around Women

Having a larger package doesn’t just improve your performance in the bedroom, it also makes you more confident around women which can help in getting more sex in the first place. This goes for almost any scenario, whether it be in the club or at work. Knowing that your manhood is more than enough to satisfy any woman’s desire, will enable you to be more sexually confident around women. The best bit is that women dig confident guys, so you are more likely to get laid just by acting this way.

What now?

Thankfully the size of your package is something that can be changed. By using Bathmate pumps you can increase your shafts length and girth. This will not only leave your partner feeling more satisfied but will enable you to have sex much more often as well. Order your Bathmate pumps here and get our best price guarantee and fast discreet shipping. Bathmate pumps can give you a bigger manhood.” target=”_blank”>Click here to get your Bathmate pump.


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