Do performers in the adult industry use Bathmate pumps?

Making a porn movie is by no means an easy task, especially for the actors who typically have to film multiple takes in order to get the right shot at the right angle. It is therefore vital that male performers can maintain their erection over several hours. Penis length is also extremely important in the sex industry; where less is definitely NOT more. It may not come as surprise then that male stars in the adult industry often use enhancement tools to provide extra length and to increase their sexual stamina. Click here to order your Bathmate pump discreetly.

Pornstars use Bathmate pumps to get a bigger penis

One of the tools used most widely in the adult film industry to help male performers maintain erections and increase the length and girth of their penis is the penis enhancement pump. The best and most popular choice of penis pump on the market is the Bathmate hydropump. The Bathmate range of pumps are designed using Hydropump technology, which is powered by water and is proven to be safer and more effective than standard pumps. They’re easy to use and can even be operated with one hand. And because they are water based pumps, there’s no need for lubrication.

As well as serving the adult film industry Bathmate is the market leader in penis enhancement technology. Bathmate’s loyal customers can testify that its pumps are highly effective in increasing penis size, girth and curing erectile dysfunction. Bathmate is also recommended by health experts, including the British National Health Service, and impressively, is the only penis pump to be prescribed on the NHS.

Following an increase in demand from existing Bathmate and adult film industry customers for a device that could accommodate penises of the larger variety, the mighty Bathmate Goliath hydropump was born. And, as its name suggests, the Bathmate Goliath is the world’s largest hydropump.

Since its launch in 2008, the Bathmate Goliath has been used throughout the adult film industry because of its capacity to handle larger penises and make them bigger. It’s made for penises that are already over 9 inches in length and 2.75 inches in girth and it’s also 30% bigger than Bathmate’s Hercules pump. Top adult professionals use and have endorsed the Bathmate Goliath pump because of its ability to enhance sexual performance, increase stamina, produce harder, longer-lasting erections and it also allows them to shoot their load further.

Daily usage of Bathmate pumps can result in a permanent increase in length and girth and Bathmate has so much faith in its product that they even offer a full 60 day money back guarantee, making the decision to purchase one a no brainer. Click here to order your Bathmate pump discreetly.

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