Review of the Hydromax x30

The latest design of penis pumps by the Bathmate is the Hydromax X30, which is one of the most technically advanced penis pumps on the planet today. The Hydromax X30 is available in three colors, it uses water instead of air to create a safe and comfortable vacuum inside the pump, which encourages your penis to grow in length and thickness. Order any Bathmate product here and get discreet delivery.


How does the Bathmate Hydromax x30 work?

The Hydromax works by exercising the muscles in your penis, which with regular use increases the volume of cells. Once the Hydromax pump is fitted onto the penis and a few pumps applied, the vacuum inside creates pressure that forces blood flow into the penis, which over time expands the size of the blood cells, increasing the size of the penis when flaccid and in an erect state.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, the Hydromax comes with a new comfort pad which should be attached to the bottom of the device to ensure more comfort. When in the shower it’s recommended to use the short insert, while for use in the bath and other area, we suggest picking the insert which you find most comfortable.

You can operate the Hydromax X30 with one hand, in the bath, shower, or anywhere in the house.

What sizes of penis will it fit?

If you’re ordering the Hydromax X30, it’s perfect for men who have an erect penis size of around 7.08 inches in length, and around 1.81 inches of thickness in diameter.

Features of the Hydromax X30

Bathmate Hydromax provides you with 35% greater force of suction than the Bathmate Hercules, due to its newly designed bellows pump system that has been proven to give better and faster results. The new added comfort rings provides men with added stability and less tension around the testicle region and the base of the penis. The rings come in a range of sizes and are easy to remove and clean.

With the new swivel bellows feature that allows men to rotate the Hydromax a full 360 degrees, to provide them with a better viewing of the visual chamber and manoeuvrability. Men also have the option to change angles in the shower or bathroom to give them total control when using the Hydromax X30.

All Hydromax pumps have been installed with a super flow latch valve system that allows men to operate the pump in the bath or shower with only one hand. Improved grip has been added on the tip and base of the Hydromax, and the guidance scales have been touched up to making them easy to understand and read.

The Hydromax X30 is proven to provide much harder and stronger erections, and increase the length and thickness of the penis. Compared to the Hercules, the Hydromax uses newer technology that helps men get better and faster results. Ready for a bigger penis? Then click here to place your order.

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