Pumps vs Pills/surgery

With the need for men wanting bigger penises, the amount of options they have to achieve this is endless, but how many really work? Well that’s another questions all together, some of the most common methods men use to try and increase the size of their penis is using pumps, pills, and surgery. Today we will look at these three in greater detail and list the pros and cons of each one.

Penis Pills
Penis pills are more expensive than Bathmate Pumps
Just a quick search in Google for penis enchaining pills will generate a mass of websites claiming to sell you a wonder pill that will increase the size of your penis permanently. Many of them are scams and although they claim to work, almost none are backed by science and do little more than burn a big hole in your pocket. The University of Maryland in the USA have conducted tests and broken down some of these pills to see what’s really inside. Results found that some penis enhancing pills contained pesticides, bacteria, E.Coli and even lead. All of these are highly dangerous to the body and can cause serious health risks, it’s not something I want to be ingesting.


  • Easy to take


  • Not proved to work
  • Expensive
  • Contains many harmful ingredients
  • Scams
  • Almost always zero gain in penis size

Penile Surgery

Surgery on the Penis is much more risky and expensive that Bathmate Pumps
Most men don’t realise this but 30% of the penis is actually inside the body, the surgical process is to bring as much of that out as they can. The results with surgery are instant with the average gain in size being around 0.8-1.1 inches in total. This procedure is not recommended by doctors, as it causes a high probability of the male being at risk of impotency. The surgeon may also need to plant a penile prosthesis, which is used for males with erectile dysfunction, in order for them to gain erections after surgery.


  • Instant results of 0.8 – 1.1 inch gains


  • Expensive
  • Risk of impotency
  • Risk of erectile dysfunction
  • May be off work for a while after surgery


Bathmate pumps can increase the size of your manhood

The hydropump is very different to the traditional penis pump, its special engineering and the use of hydraulics separates it from anything else on the market. The hydropump is proven to be more effective, more comfortable, and much safer to use than traditional air pumps. Compared against surgery or penis enchaining pills, it’s much more effective with no side effects or harmful ingredients which could cause the body harm.

Pharmaceutical companies and even doctors are now seeing the benefits a hydropump such as the Bathmate can have on men who want to increase the size of their penis. For the first time penis pumps are now being taken seriously as a way to enhance the male body in a safe and affordable way. With constant use, gains as much as 1.5-5 inches can be made with the Bathmate, if used 3-4 times per week.

Men can use the Bathmate in the shower, bathroom, or even as they watch TV! It takes only 15 minutes and after you’re done, you can carry on your day as planned, unlike surgery which can put patients on the sidelines for a few weeks, or pills that have made past subjects sick.

Overall the hydropump is the method of choice today for men who’re looking for an effective, safe, and cost effective way to increase the size of their penis. Doctors and other medical practitioners are starting to see its value, the theory is backed by logical science, and most importantly it actually works!


  • Affordable
  • Safe to use
  • Expected gains to be as much as 5 inches
  • Doctors and pharmaceutical experts see its benefits


  • Takes 1-3 months to see permanent gains

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