Bathmate pumps vs traditional pumps

When you’re looking into buying a penis pump you generally have two options, the first being a traditional penis pump which uses a manual or motorized pump that that is compressed by air. The second choice is using a hydropump such as the Bathmate, which along with the use of hydraulics and water, has other features and designs which separates it from a traditional pump. Click here to order your Bathmate pumps and get a bigger manhood.


Safety of our pumps

Traditional penis pump – fails to provide any sort of safety mechanism to protect men while using these products. If you apply too much pressure using the pump, it’s not uncommon to stress or even burst blood vessels in the penis that can lead to serious blisters. Stories have been told of poorly designed pumps that have even pulled testicles up into the pump, causing users extreme pain and injury.

A common disease that men face using poorly designed penis pumps is the Peyronie’s disease, this is widespread in men who use poorly designed penis pumps.

Hydropump – design guarantees the testicles cannot make their way into the pump. An affixed gaiter system ensures the right level of water pressure inside the Bathmate at all times, ensuring you’re never in danger of bursting a blood vessel or injuring your penis.


Ease of use

Traditional penis pump– requires the use of two hands and takes more time to set up and use. You’re required to first stretch the sleeve of the pump over the tube, and then apply lubrication to your penis, before immediately washing your hands to be able to grab the pump again. The final stage of the process is to hold the tube in one hand against your penis and squeeze the pump in the other. This can start to get annoying and frustrating if you’re using a poorly designed pump, or are in a rush to do other tasks.

Hydropump– only needs one hand to pump and no lubrication due to the water inside. You can actually take a shower or have a bath as you it. Hydropumps will save you as much as 5 minutes per day compared to traditional penis pumps, and are a lot less hassle to use.

The benefits of using water

Traditional pumps work on removing air from the pump creating a pressure that stimulates your penis to expand. Before each use you’re required to warm up your penis using a warm towel for around 5 minutes, this is to prevent any injuries later on when you use the pump.

Using a hydropump with warm water totally eliminates the need to constantly warm up before using the product, all you need to do is to jump in the shower and fill the Bathmate with warm water and you’re good to go. Warmer the water the better, as a warmer climate stimulates a greater blood flow to the penis allowing faster results. Traditional pumps will be filling up the tube with cold air which is not optimal for growth and can lead to serious injury.

By comparing the traditional penis pumps against a hydropump such as the Bathmate it’s clear to see who the winner is. Hydropump technology is the most advanced form of pump out their in the market, it’s easier to use, safer, and provides better results. Order here and get your Bathmate products shipped discreetly.

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