How a good diet can reduce erectile dysfunction

-Foods to Keep Erectile Dysfunction at Bay


A number of studies are now show that there is a direct link between obesity and erectile dysfunction. By maintaining a good healthy lifestyle which includes plenty of good clean foods, men can prevent erectile dysfunction from taking over in the first place. For those who already suffer from the condition, a good diet can greatly improve the condition. Not sure how? Well keep reading to find out more. Remember, using a Bathmate pump is proven to help cure erectile dysfunction. Order your pump here, discreetly and securely.


Looking fit for the girls

When one has a good diet it’s safe to assume that they are healthy and usually in shape. It’s also no surprise that women prefer men who look after their body’s to those who are unfit and out of shape. The more attention you’re receiving from ladies, the more “you know what” will be in action, which can keep erectile dysfunction at bay.


Lay off the booze

Drinking an excess amount of alcohol will lower your body’s testosterone levels and increase the chances of erectile dysfunction in the both the short and long term. So the next time you’re out, opt for a Virgin Mary over a beer or Jägermeister.


Get on the herbs

No, that subheading is not a code word for the green stuff. Natural herbs such as the root of ginseng or Pinus pinaster are two natural occurring plants which are known to help treat erectile dysfunction. Make sure to consult your doctor before taking natural medication.


Lay off the sugar honey

Foods that are either high in cholesterol or fats are something you’d want to stay away from. Anything that can add fat to your body, increase your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are foods you need to stay away from. We know it hurts, but say no to anything fired, doused in sugar, or high in fat.


Stop smoking today

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do not only for your penis, but for the rest of your body as well. The chemicals inside each cigarette can damage your blood vessels which in turn will restrict blood flow to the penis. Nicotine is proven to make blood vessels expand which acts as a catalyst in the prevention of further blood flow to the penis.


Having a good diet can not only reduce erectile dysfunction but many other diseases and aches your body will come across. With all the information available today, eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or difficult, and if you don’t want to become the next male to get erectile dysfunction, change your diet today! Whilst you implement and follow these diet tips, we also suggest you try a Bathmate pump that will immediately cure any erectile dysfunction. Click here to order your Bathmate Pump.

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